Aurora Consurgens

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Releasing an album that will never see a rating lower than 9 in the reviews and is accepted as one of the masterpieces of the genre, is far from being easy. On the other side, releasing the follow-up for that album is even more difficult than this. Brazillian Angra is now in the situation I'm talking about. The band's 2004 release "Temple Of Shadows" was a true blast for the band's career. Two years after the masterpiece, the band has brought us the follow-up "Aurora Consurgens". The main question was if the band would follow the same road that "Temple Of Shadows" did or if they would change their route to another direction. Both of them are equally dangerous as if they wrote an album just like "Temple Of Shadows", people would moan that it's not creative at all. And if they wrote a different album, people would moan about how they missed the good old Angra. And finally, we have the answer: "Aurora Consurgens" is not just a re-run of "Temple Of Shadows".

But the credits of the album are same as before. The production desk is still owned by Dennis Ward and the artwork has been created by Isabel De Amorin. Angra has never sounded this good before, Dennis Ward has done one of his best jobs on them.

"Aurora Consurgens" is inspired by a book written by Saint Thomas of Aquin. Such book was used by Jung to establish relations between dreams and different mental conditions. It's not a concept album though but the lyrics have a common theme: human beings and society problems.

Compared to their whole discography, "Aurora Consurgens" depicts a much heavier Angra, and it's also their most complex and technical work to date. It can not be accepted as a pure power metal album, as it's reflecting another side of the band: They have become much more progressive. Even vocalist Edu Falaschi's voice is not as sweet as it used to be, and his singing is heavier now.

Angra is celebrating their 15th anniversary with the release of one of the best albums of their career. If you're a power metal fan, you wouldn't want to miss it.


Download: The Voice Commanding You, The Course Of Nature
For the fans of: Rhapsody Of Fire
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Release date 30.10.2006
SPV Records
Provided by Target ApS

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