The Human Condition

Written by: PP on 29/05/2012 01:36:14

Even though black metal has a wealth of bands each exploring the band from a slightly different angle or direction, as a whole it's often difficult to deviate from the slightly tight confines of the genre enough to stick out to the non fanatic black metal listener from the crowd. That's something Gothenburg, Sweden's Waning do very well on their sophomore album "The Human Condition", which channels the brooding melancholy of their countrymen in Katatonia and the Brits in Paradise Lost into a typically menacing and bleak black metal soundscape.

That's not to say that melancholia hasn't been thoroughly explored by other black metal bands in the past, but the way Waning integrate it as a rich element of their soundscape without softening their stance at all is quite impressive. The music is extremely layered, so instead of just being slapped on top of the soundscape it functions as an existing piece of it, a non-detachable element which has just as much say as the band's shrieking vocalist, their textured drumming, and their bleak rhythm guitars. This works especially well because no song is played at the same tempo: the band explores numerous arrangements from crawling speed to breakneck speed and everything in between, each time producing a sound that's both carefully constructed and heavily layered, in turn creating a rich, enjoyable black metal atmosphere with the melodies that draw in non-fans of the genre as well.

The soundscape overall is so well-built that one can but stand in awe when examining it from a strictly technical viewpoint. Each great riff, each additional melancholic guitar part has a sense of purpose to it, making it a part of a whole instead of just another part which is so often the case with bands like this. When the execution is further as tight as it is, one has to come into the conclusion that Waning have created something special with this album.


Download: Beneath A Septic Sun, End Assembly, Continuum
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Release date 01.02.2012
Antonym Records

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