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Unfold is a Swiss atmospheric sludge metal band with considerable influence from the post-metal and hardcore scenes. They've been inactive for seven years prior to the release of their third album "Cosmogon", and the word on the street is that their first two releases received quite a bit of critical acclaim back when they were released. If "Cosmogon" is anything to go by, the acclaim is every bit justified.

"Cosmogon" basically takes the foundations of sludgy, punishingly heavy metal, and moves it more towards post-metal and even post-hardcore direction by contrasting the crushing wall of sound with heavy, yet lingering melodies. These are used to specifically construct memorable atmospheres over lengthy songs (of between 4 and 13 minutes, with one short exception), where especially the tortured howl of their vocalist is one of the highlights. Another feat to mention is how the band often sounds like a heavier and more crushing version of Japan's post-rock/hardcore hybrid Envy. "Hystrion", in particular, bears many similarities to the contrived atmospheres of said band, though of course in a less post-rock and more sludge manner.

What the listener should take away from "Cosmogon" is how its resonating melodies make their heavy expression...I don't want to use the word catchy, but memorable in a manner most other post-metal/sludge groups can't. When you have a great vocalist and a sense how to write progressive, yet intriguing guitar melodies as a part of larger atmospheres, it makes a difference between sounding obscure and huge, which Unfold do throughout "Cosmogon".


Download: Hystrion
For the fans of: Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Envy
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Release date 27.09.2011
Division Records

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