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Written by: TL on 11/04/2012 11:46:38

Right guys, time to squeeze in a quick look at one of the few bands in the world that actually have fewer likes that the Rockfreaks facebook page, namely Rejectioneers, a quintet out of Columbia, South Carolina who debuted with their first ever EP - titled "25" - this past November. The record casts the band with a sound that sits in the overlap between emo-, pop-punk- and indie-rock bands from around the turn of the millenium, possibly making you think of the likes of Idlewild and Mae, and almost certainly making you think of Jimmy Eat World.

The mood is hence pretty nostalgic and it all sounds pretty good, as Rejectioneers employ a solid understanding for classic songwriting, some properly moody ambiance (again, quite clearly inspired by Jimmy Eat World in the best of ways) and some nicely articulated singing by vocalist Ben Walker, who does however sound like he gets a little too caught up - you might say he loses his cool just a little bit - on an "whoa-oh" here or a stretched note there. It's a very small complaint though, and the dominant impression is that this is a solid first effort that packs a handful of easily enjoyable songs, with the strongest pair coming in the opening duo "Murderers" and especially "Get So Mad". And that's basically what there is to say here, and while it doesn't make for a biblical review, this band hasn't exactly had a biblical career yet, so sometimes it really is as simple as this: Here's a band that sound quite like the bands listed in the FTFO section and they do pretty well at it, so if you like any of those, you (should disregard the album art and) just consider checking them out.


Download: Get So Mad, Murderers
For The Fans Of: Jimmy Eat World, Idlewild, Mae,

Release Date 15.11.2012

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