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We Are All Beasts

Written by: TL on 05/04/2012 14:00:10

So, for the ??th time; how many more American, raw, melodic punk-rock bands does the world need? All together now - and I'm imagining dozens of you gangshouting it from behind your screens; AT LEAST ONE MORE! Today's entry into this category comes from New Brunswick quartet Static Radio NJ, it is called "We Are All Beasts" and judging from the A's and B's added to the tracktitles of my digital copy, I guessing this is the sort of record you're meant to get on vinyl if settling for a having it in software is not your thing.

On here the band plays music that is mainly characterised by up-beat, driving punk tempos, buzzing melodic riffage and a roughed up fuzzy croon-almost-turned-shout, and the band is no doubt inspired by local punk-rock institutions like Lifetime and The Bouncing Souls. To spice things up however, the also bring a quite noticeable Nirvana infatuation to the table, or at least it sounds like it when the raspy singing and dirty chord progressions combine to resemble some of the classic Nirvana melodies, like for instance on "I Might Kill".

Coincidentally, "I Might Kill" - along with another song from the LP's side A, "Addict" - appear to me as the strongest tracks on the release, proving recognisable above the album average and greeting you with their choruses on each repeat listen. A feeling I wish I'd get more often from the album that - although as easily enjoyable as this type of punk-rock often is -tends to feel a bit samey down the stretch. And that's really the essence of "We Are All Beasts" if you ask me. It has a sound with which you simply cannot go wrong, but it does not offer sufficient hooks or diversity to elevate Static Radio NJ all the way to the exosphere of the genre. It sounds dull saying that it's not much worse, yet not much better than the average melodic punk rock release of today, but then if you're into the genre, you know that with the strength of the genre, that needs hardly be a deal breaker.


Download: Addict, I Might Kill
For The Fans Of: Lifetime, Bouncing Souls, The Loved Ones

Release Date 27.09.2011

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