Mychildren Mybride

Mychildren Mybride

Written by: AP on 31/03/2012 15:16:57

While metalcore in general has become more accessible and mainstream in recent years, Madison, AL based Mychildren Mybride have consistently pushed the genre in a darker, heavier direction alongside The Devil Wears Prada (since their "Zombie" EP) and Knights of the Abyss. But while the latter did so following years of mainstream success and thus averted sinking into oblivion vis-à-vis a large dedicated fanbase, Mychildren Mybride have sadly never broken out of their underground status. Few things are more frustrating than striving to great lengths to be considered original and then not succeeding; in the band's own words, this latest self-titled effort is intended to introduce a new flare to their music whilst not straying too far from their core sound and in the process, hopefully attract a host of new fans.

It certainly finds the band more focused than on previous efforts, as the songs here are linked by an all-encompassing sense of dread woven together by a subtle, yet permeating backdrop of lingering horror chords, harrowing piano notes and disturbing samples, exemplified well by the songs "On Wings of Integrity, Pt. 2" and "Anathema". But true standout tracks, such as "The Endless", with its captivating main riff and excellent dynamics, are still too few and far in between, and many of the songs that have the potential to close in on brilliance are hindered by their lack of continuity typically brought forth with a lengthy mediocre breakdown, as is the case on the otherwise brooding "God of Nothing", a biblically accurate reflection on the story of the fallen angel Lucifer.

With regard to attracting new ears, it must be said that Mychildren Mybride are truly firing with the full width of their arsenal at times, and it is here, in the likes of "SAMCRO", which combines the tremolo and brutality of deathcore with a modern djent tone and harmonized lead melodies à la Darkest Hour, that one recognizes they have a genuine ambition to differentiate themselves from most other metalcore bands and appeal to a wider audience than on previous efforts. And in "Dreamcatchers", another highlight, the band manage to forge a unique mixture of mosh-friendly heaviness and memorabilia that is likely to become their signature on albums to come.

When it comes to writing metalcore of the darkest, most ominous character, few bands play it with more conviction than Mychildren Mybride. It is this air of terror that looms beneath every breakdown, chug part and melody that rescues the album from mediocrity. And although songs like "Black Cloud", "Hell or High Water" and "Observer" bring little new to the table and are swiftly forgotten once they clock in, there are enough songs here with sufficient complexity and character to reinvigorate your interest in their wake. All those grown tired of the shallow Hot Topic metalcore spewing out of the States these days would do themselves a favor by checking out "Mychildren Mybride".


Download: Anathema, The Endless, SAMCRO, Dreamcatchers
For the fans of: A Plea for Purging, The Devil Wears Prada, Knights of the Abyss
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Release date 13.03.2012
Victory Records

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