Rise, Vulcan Spectre

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I was already very excited about receiving this record after hearing a couple of tracks from these rising Norwegian thrashers on a Fenriz-compiled collection of notable underground bands, which given that man's impeccable taste all-but guaranteed Nekromantheon were worthy of my investigation, and boy is this the case. As all followers of recent retro-thrash will testify, reinventing the wheel is not always a strict necessity but in some instances, a mastering of how that wheel rolls is in order and that is pretty much what has gone on here with "Rise, Vulcan, Spectre".

On Nekromantheon's second album they have captured the spirit, darkness and most importantly blistering intensity of the likes of old Slayer, Kreator, Dark Angel and Sodom that no other recent act has managed to. Many an Evile possess admirable thrash qualities but I have yet to hear in another act the molten spite found in "Cast Down to the Void", "The Usurper Command" or the title-track "Rise, Vulcan Sceptre", where the warm yet crashing drum sound of prime-era "Pleasure to Kill"-Kreator mixes with underground Tom Angelripper-esque vocal sermons and ferociously potent riffs that Slayer would have been proud of in their "Hell Awaits" days. Opener "Cast Down to the Void" says it all being just the opening any thrash album needs to grab your attention, and through the wailing solos in "Blood Wisdom", groovier "Coven of the Minotaur" and the structurally sound "Twelve Depths of Hades" and "Raised by Dogs" there is rarely a moment that doesn't ooze underground class about this record and a perfect summation of how I believe thrash is best off continuing in the near future - that is to combine it's manic speed with the darkness of extreme metal, a facet that has virtually been absent from every retro-thrash reckon to pass through these ears.

Of course Nekromantheon are low on the subtlety stakes and a listen for qualified thrash ears only, but as thrash goes this is a pretty stunning effort and at only 30 minutes hangs around no longer than is necessary. The 80's glory days will never be repeated but it is great to see that not all retro-thrash need plug the same well-trodden Metallica path of education. Not for the first time it would seem Fenriz was spot on with his recommendations.

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For The Fans Of: Aura Noir, old Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Dark Angel
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Release date 13.01.2012
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