Dave Matthews Band

Stand Up

Written by: PP on 29/05/2005 11:25:22

Dave Matthews Band has year after year put out quality jazz influenced acoustic alternative records. This is slow rock that can easily be played as background music during a formal or an informal dinner, at a party as a slow song, or it can just be listened for the sake of listening. "Stand Up" kicks off with "Dreamgirl", a soft epic that will bring the listener into complete state of relaxation and brings a peace into the mind of the most troubled emo kid out there. Acoustic guitars, saxophones, synth's, and calmed out drums work as the formula for most of the songs, but there are exceptions like the title track "Stand Up" which could be directly drawn from any proper jazz bar out there. I was positively surprised by the quality of this album, considering the fact that it is not my style at all.


Download: You Might Die Trying, Dreamgirl

For the fans of: Barenaked Ladies, Our Lady Peace

Release date 10.5.2005


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