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The Way Out

Written by: PP on 18/02/2012 18:35:42

If you're longing for a mainland European counterpart for bands like Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, and A Day To Remember, look no further than Alessandria, Italy's Last Day Before Holiday. They've reached their sophomore album with "The Way Out", a demonstration of pop-hardcore done by the books, but with enough youthful spirit and energetic breakdowns to make it worthwhile to share to the rest of you dear readers.

They make it no secret that FYS and SYG are their primary influences, but instead of merely cloning their sound, they take the core pop-hardcore sound and inject it with a strong dosage of polish on especially the vocals, here drawing parallels to some of the poppier songs by A Day To Remember. It's nothing you wouldn't have heard before, but because the band also throws in a ton of energy and bouncy choruses, they win over the listener and sound convincing even though originality is thrown out the window. Through catchy choruses and songwriting concentrating solely on vocal and guitar hooks, they produce a fun expression that sounds both professional and enjoyable in its own right.

What's more, they have nailed the infectious chorus parts down like professional carpenters, to use a cliché expression. "By Your Side", "Stay Young", and "The Way Outs" are all highlight tracks that will surely be an explosion of energy in a live setting, complete with perfectly placed gang shouts (again, ADTR reference here) to complement their already bouncy and fun sound. "The Way Out" might not be the album we failed to cover last year, but it's nonetheless one you should keep your eyes out as it's likely we'll see this band touring in the nearby countries in the near future.


Download: By Your Side, Stay Young, The Way Outs
For the fans of: Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, A Day To Remember
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Release date 27.09.2011
Wynona Records

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