Easy Meat

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LaFaro is a flirtatious band. Even just one go through of the Irish four piece's second album, "Easy Meat", reveals LaFaro to be a band that unashamedly hand picks their influences and wears those sounds on their sleeves. "Easy Meat" sees the band scurrying down several different musical paths at once, resulting in the aural name checking of everything from Smashing Pumpkins to Motorhead, with shades of Clutch tossed in for flavor.

The follow up to 2010's self titled debut record, "Easy Meat" is an 18 track affair of quick ditties all clocking in under five minutes. The song total may seem daunting at first, but a quick look through the track times reveals a good portion of these tracks to be short, less-than-a-minute interlude songs placed between groups of real tracks. Alas, this can be seen as what is really the only drawback of this album: seven interlude tracks get to be at best a nuisance, and at worst a distraction.

"Easy Meat" is an album with no need for gimmicks or distractions. The first track sets the stage for 40 plus minutes of melodic energy. Imagine if Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan decided to front a hard/alternative rock band for two and a half minutes. The twists and turns song to song are matched only by the curvaceous route taken within each track. "Sucking Diesel" breaks into an unshakeable groove in its final 20 seconds, which feeds directly into "Wingers and Chips", a song that single handedly shatters the imaginary wall between hardcore and post-hardcore.

The biggest strength of LaFaro is their depth. "East Meat" has an absolute arsenal of songs where the final four tracks rival the first four for best on the album. As far as the formula song to song, it exists, the band never forces anything. If a song naturally ends up being worked out as something under two minutes, LaFaro honors the song's natural length but gives it everything they've got each and every second. But sticking to a formula doesn’t mean there isn't variation on "Easy Meat". "Off the Chart" shows a more subdued LaFaro, only to build up with the help of monstrous riffs that grow from punchy to absolute heavyweight beat down.

LaFaro's created an album that immediately cleanses the palette while refreshing it. With riffs for days, melodies all over the place, and just enough song writing twists to keep everyone attentive, "Easy Meat" is an album to get lost in.


Download: Full Tilt, Have a Word With Yourself, Off the Chart, Meat Wagon
For The Fans Of: Motorhead, Clutch, Smashing Pumpkins, The God Machine
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Release Date 03.10.2011
Smalltown America

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