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Confrontations EP

Written by: TL on 17/01/2012 14:35:00

Last summer saw the debut of a new Copenhagen band, when pop-rock quintet The First Waltz dropped their first EP "Confrontations". Unfortunately, one of the places they dropped it, was deeeeeep into my pile of pending promos, and due to my recent period of inactivity, it's been buried there, waiting for a review ever since. And to be quite blunt, the only reason I'm writing about it now, instead of about something else, is because I want to get it out of the way, seeing that, in my pretentious elitist view, The First Waltz prove here to make rock music for people that have no interest in rock music.

You see, underneath the attempted grand production and decent hook of a song like opener "Tomorrow", there's only barely enough substance to catch on with the shallower listeners of bands like Snow Patrol, Coldplay or Keane. Anyone with a taste for the edgy and/or alternative will go "boooooooriiiiiing" straight away, because despite their oooobvioous hooks, The First Waltz are going for an identity so safe and dull that I doubt their super traditional musical impression will manage to really form a connection with any listeners out there. It will be all about the hooks and connecting with the sheep that hear nothing but them then, and fortunately for TFW, they will likely succeed in that department, because they do at least know their way around the song-writing ABC well enough to have come up with some moderately catchy choruses.

Anyway, the point here is that the meeting between myself and this record was never going to produce anything but a review that likely make readers think "what a bitter asshole", and I'm quite content to play my part in that. I have no personal acquaintance with TFW, and they're likely all nice lads, and I can't completely obliterate them gradewise seeing as they are at least proficient at what they try to do - I just can't really call them any better than dead average either, considering that I think their chosen expression is the epitomy of boredom, the kind of which will only appeal to radio-listeners and not real music fans. I'm sorry, but I don't like this, hope you have better luck elsewhere.

Download: Tomorrow
For The Fans Of: Snow Patrol, Your Vegas, Be There Nowhere

Release Date 10.06.2011

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