Absent Friend

Written by: PP on 16/01/2012 23:59:04

For a debut release, "Absent Friends" EP is one hell of a release, one that screams artistic talent and massive potential through its four tracks of what is labeled as 'easy-listening', but could just as well be described as atmospheric, progressive acoustic rock. Warmrain, a British band, spend a little over sixteen minutes referencing everyone from Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree through Dave Matthews Band and Jack Johnson, all in a richly textured acoustic format.

Remember my recent ramblings about acoustic singer-songwriter requiring an edge to be interesting? Well, this is a good example. The best way to put it is to think of the laid-back acoustic songs by Jack Johnson, and re-arrange them in a smarter and more progressive manner resembling Pink Floyd, adding in supporting instrumentation through gentle percussion, some mood-setting keyboard, and electric guitar, sitar, ukulele, as well as mandolin. It's an intelligent release that not only challenges its listener through progressive song structures, but also rewards him with smooth-flowing melodies and soft acoustic picking that gives the EP its impressive charisma. Of course, it helps that singer-songwriter Leon J. Russell has an amazing voice for soft material like this, and certainly gives mr Johnson a run for his money in the most chilled-out and relaxing summer-driven acoustic songs category. With the right promotion, this could be huge in those circles.


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Release date 31.10.2011
Eastworld Records

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