Of Moose And Men

Written by: PP on 03/01/2012 03:19:12

Uigg is a metal quintet from Charlottetown, PE, which is the island right next to Nova Scotia in Northeastern Canada for those of you wondering. They play a brand of music that is quintessentially metal, not pigeonhole-able into a subgenre or another category of music. It's merely straight up metal, old school style, fitting all the stereotypes of machismo whether in the form of a dirty, groove-oriented guitar tone or the Randy Blythe-inspired, southern-fried growls of their vocalist.

"Of Moose And Men", their sophomore album, is unsurprisingly a lengthy affair of Pantera/Damageplan worship, with Lamb Of God-ish arch-American metal also playing a large role in their sound. It's all about bringing in elements of thrash into a muscular expression that's more concerned with sounding dirty, heavy, and like it wants to punch your head in after an unfriendly night spent with a bottle of Jameson, rather than writing catchy music. It helps Uigg somewhat that there are plenty of people who enjoy this particular type of music, but their problem is not the lack of audience, but instead their monotonous songwriting that leaves all of the songs sounding essentially like copies of each other. Or that's what it feels like even after just a few songs into the record. Their sound gets 'old', so to say.

The album could be salvaged from utter mediocrity if it had crisp major label production behind it, highlighting the riffs and adding even more of a punch to the vocals. It is, however, a self-financed production and displays all the signs of being so. The muddy mix doesn't do their ability justice at all, because despite containing more than enough headbang inducing sections throughout the album, it is really, and I mean really difficult to get into Uigg's sound as it stands here. Pantera fans should take a look, but don't kid yourselves: this is in no way comparable to any of the bands mentioned in this review.

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For the fans of: Pantera, Damageplan, Lamb Of God
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Release date 13.09.2011

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