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Written by: PP on 29/12/2011 01:26:36

While we're on the topic of copycat bands, we might as well look at the new record by Germany's Radio Dead Ones, which basically rips off early Rancid in as many ways as is possible to describe in this review. Minus the ska/reggae side of Rancid, Radio Dead Ones namely take everything from Rancid starting from the coarse, rollicking vocals of Tim Armstrong to the lively bass and the funky guitars to form their sound. And you know what? That's also okay. There are few bands in the world who can imitate Rancid successfully, and as Radio Dead Ones have shown throughout numerous tours over the years, they are one of the few, their second album "AAA" simply proves that on record.

Whether it's their rockabilly side of Rancid, or the straight up tattooed-sleeves punk that they do, Radio Dead Ones hit spot on what Armstrong & Co have been doing for more than two decades now. Rough, unpolished, and full of punk attitude and spirit, they combine together the backing ideas of the genre together with a straight-forward sound that's usually more about the energy than it is about being catchy, much in the same way as classic records by The Exploited, US Bombs and other more hardcore-oriented bands before them. That said, when they get into songs like "Angelina", you can pretty much compare them side-by-side with the punkabilly-driven Rancid at their very best, however, these moments are rare, and most of the time Radio Dead Ones simply sound like the little brother to Armstrong & Co.

That makes "AAA" a decent record, but not one that's going to strike through as the next legendary album in the genre. They put on a tight, fun live show, which has been captured reasonably well on this record, so any Rancid fans should find their way to this record and decide whether the imitation is too much for them, or whether it's just what they needed, given the sparse release schedule they have these days.


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Release date 14.06.2011
SPV / Steamhammer

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