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Written by: PP on 13/12/2011 03:33:41

Callous are a metalcore quartet from Kent, UK, who have been on the receiving end on a decent amount of hype in the British media spearheaded by an 8/10 rating on Rock Sound. Their new EP "Against Foundations" was released a few months ago as a preamble of things to come on their full length due out sometime in 2012, and while it doesn't yet position Callous as contenders in the genre, a sharp listener can detect promise right underneath the rough surface.

Most of this promise is attributed to their clean vocalist, who has an uncanny habit of sounding like a 50/50 cross between Dallas Green in his early days and Liam Cromby of We Are The Ocean fame. Whenever lets his pipes go, the band descends from high tempo metalcore riffs (old school style, mind you) into an ambient hardcore mode, and create a great platform for him to unleash his talent for an anthemic clean vocal chorus. Now, he isn't as good as either of the two vocalists mentioned yet, but you can definitely hear a lot of similarities between him and the early material by these vocalists. That's a great sign for the future.

For the moment, however, he is hindered by a band who hasn't yet found an identity. For starters, they start with stock metalcore riffing on "Conviction", lead into the realm of thrash metal with a more aggravated musical stance on "For Our Sins", and have a stab at a more progressive form of hardcore/metalcore on "Slings And Arrows". Not exactly a coherent approach to writing a record. Secondly, the band's songwriting isn't yet at a competitive level. The clean vocal parts of the songs range from good to great, whereas the screams and metallic guitars sound generic at best. If it were up to me, they would capitalize on the clean vocal talent on their upcoming full length album at the expense of the heavier passages. Lets see what happens and wait with judgement until then.


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For the fans of: Alexisonfire meets Architects and We Are The Ocean
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Release date 29.08.2011

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