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Remember when Tom DeLonge claimed the debut album by his new project Angels & Airwaves would be the best album released in 20 years? Remember all the other megalomaniac statements he spouted out prior to the release of "We Don't Need To Whisper" and later, their sophomore album "I-Empire", about how amazing and great those albums were going to be? Yeah, so that didn't happen. Instead, we were treated to a number of superfluous, over-inflated, and over-produced space rock albums that didn't really appeal to anyone except Mr. DeLonge himself. Fast-forward to 2011, and the release of their fourth album "Love Part 2", the follow-up to last year's "Love", and the soundtrack to a movie carrying the same name. In the meantime, Blink 182 has reformed so nobody really cares about Angels & Airwaves releasing another album, or at least that's what the common consensus on the interwebs seems to be. Which is really quite funny, because "Love Part 2" is the first album by Angels & Airwaves that I would say is a) relevant, b) interesting and c) a good album. It's like raiii-aaiiin on your wedding day...

"Love Part 2" kicks off with essentially more of the same. By this point in time, everyone knows that A&A's sound is comparable to a satellite orbiting somewhere at a distance to planet earth; what changes from album-to-album is the actual distance in kilometers. That is to say, whether the band are in outer space or just hanging about above the clouds somewhere. And like its predecessor, "Love Part 2" continues the band's descent from the heavens towards a us regular earthlings. Incidentally, this means that the vast majority of the fluff and nothingsaying emptiness has been removed from the soundscape, replaced by solid alternative rock songs with catchy choruses, which will recall some songs from Blink 182's "Neighborhoods", but otherwise sound like A&A and really not like anyone else.

"Anxiety" is easily the best song the band has written during their career. DeLonge delivers his best vocal performance on this track, with an absolutely mammoth chorus that's as infectious as it is grandiose. "My Heroine (It's Not Over)" follows suit, finally succeeding in what I suspect A&A have wanted to do all along: write ambitious rock songs that carry over the instant go-to appeal of Blink 182's best songs in a grander and more spacious interpretation. Likewise, "Surrender" and opener "Saturday Love" range between good and even impressive at times. It's about time, because after all, this is their fourth attempt at writing a full length album.

The majority of songs continue in this vein, throwing in the occasional electronic effect on top of the spacious instrumentation, and a few surprises where Tom actually sounds like he knows how to sing (production trick, based on his recent Blink 182 live performances). The real question is whether anyone cares anymore at this point in time? "Love Part 2" might be their best album yet, and the first one by the band that I'll happily recommend to you, dear reader. But with Blink 182 playing shows again, A&A is reduced to that side project rank again where most people don't even know they exist, hence rendering this record rather useless.


Download: Surrender, Anxiety, My Heroine (It's Not Over)
For the fans of: "Neighborhoods" by Blink 182, 30 Seconds To Mars
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Release date 01.11.2011
To The Stars Records

LOVE: Part 2 by Angels & Airwaves

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