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Artifical Madness

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You might recognize the name Chris Connelly from legendary industrial bands like Ministry and Revolting Cocks. But then again you might not, since he was active in both units between 1987 and 1993. That's where he made his name and that's what he used to boost his solo career, which has been ongoing ever since 1991, subsequently resulting in thirteen albums (some with other collaborators) prior to "Artificial Madness".

Though Connelly has subtly shifted away from his core industrial influences, the echoing, metallic soundscapes are still present to some degree, though with a distinct alternative rock / singer-songwriter tinge. Where Ministry leans on industrial metal, and Revolting Cocks are more of a rock'n'roll and party-oriented industrial band, Connelly sources his inspiration (at least vocally) from David Bowie and Scott Walker, while bringing in elements of post-punk as well. It shows a third side to industrial music, a softer and more thoughtful one, without abandoning the root values of the genre entirely.

A couple of tracks like "The Modern Swine" and "Wait For Amateur" have a nice up-tempo chorus that's pretty catchy, but towards the end of the disc, the Bowie-like disinterested singing style starts sound a little bland, and the lack of brighter melodies starts feeling like a drag. At least in the long run. But "Artificial Madness" is nonetheless a good addition to the industrial family, however, it is unlikely to appeal to many outside of the genre.

Download: Wait For Amateur, The Modern Swine
For the fans of: Revolting Cocks, Killing Joke, The Damage Manual
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Release date 08.11.2011

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