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The Toxic Touch

Written by: MY on 09/11/2006 15:35:00

Holland's best or at least internationally most successful death metal band God Dethroned is back infecting the music scene with their 6th album "The Toxic Touch". Their last two albums, "Into The Lungs Of Hell" and "The Lair Of The White Worm" have showed a significant improvement in songwriting with a good production and moved the band from a nearly black metal vibe into a death metal act. And with "The Toxic Touch", God Dethroned veer to the modern metal scene.

The one and only bad thing about this album is its dull artwork cover. I tried hard to understand what role the "remaining in the air, not in the man's throat" injection is playing on the cover but I just couldn't succeed and then gave up. Apart from the cover, "The Toxic Touch" is representing all the 'best of's of God Dethroned. The album is produced by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio and God Dethroned has never sounded this good before. Frontman Henri's vocals are so evil and his anger is so real that you might think the world is going to end any time now. Guitarist Isaac Delahaye has the same brutality in his riffs, and there's another guy in the band who is as sick as them, namely Drummer Arien Van Weesenbeek. His band-mate Henri explains it best: "When you play with a drummer on his level, the world needs to hear it." He's precisely right, you need to hear it.

God Dethroned's best and heaviest album to date. New and broader influences. Melodic death metal meets modern metal. A keeper album from "impressive as hell" musicians. Don't let the cover scare you away, go and buy the album.


Download: Hating Life, Away From Emptiness
For the fans of: Bolt Thrower, God Forbid
Listen: GodDethroned@Myspace

Release date 23.10.2006
Metal Blade Records
Provided by Target ApS

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