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Written by: PP on 12/11/2011 13:03:02

Here's an interesting concept 5 Feet Under Records have put together: take an EPs worth of songs from four awesome punk/hardcore bands and slap it together on one disc for maximum value. Our local hardcore punkers Mighty Midgets team up with Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man from Manchester, UK, Fist Of The North Star from Nashville, TN, and Broken Aris from Sweden. All four vastly different sounding bands each contributing four to six tracks to the split. Our local readers may be familiar with Mighty Midgets already, but the split is an excellent introduction to three other bands from around the world.

Mighty Midgets' part consists of six tracks and nearly twelve minutes of ferocious melodic hardcore punk with throaty screams and uncompromising instrumentation. They bomb through their part with songs like "Thoughts On Democracy", "Note To Self", "Cease And Desist" as the highlights, all new material (or at least unreleased from what I can tell) on par with the quality we last heard on "Raising Ruins For The Future".

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man continue on the hardcore punk line, but this time our ears are geared towards old school hardcore (think OFF!, or old Black Flag, Circle Jerks, that sort of stuff) in terms of the piercing vocal work, while the guitars add a modern melodic hardcore flavor to the music. It's a sound where old meets new, and should make you feel right at home if you can't stand the pitch-perfect production of today's punk and hardcore. They also include six tracks, but considering their songs average around the one minute mark, they're fast and furious, and the experience is over pretty much as soon as it begun. Decent, but not amazing.

Fist Of The North Star, on the other hand, are the highlight band on this split. Their take on highly technical hardcore/punk has nuances of Strung Out in the guitars, though the vocals are a little rougher and rawer in comparison. But one thing they have going for them is melody: they add intense amounts of it to make their otherwise aggressive sound infectiously catchy. The guitar melodies in "Roaches" are brilliant, the coarsely sung vocal lines on "Burning Out" superb, and overall the band sounds like one that should be having tons of national and international success. The intricate melodies are spot on.

The last band on the split, Broken Aris from Sweden, offer four tracks of melodic hardcore deeply infused with skate punk. The vocal duo is similar to our local punkers in Stars Burn Stripes, whereas elsewhere elements of old school Rise Against (think back to "The Unraveling" days) appear, though especially so on "Mr. Snowman" and "Yens". Overall it's a good combination of the European punk rock sound with inspiration from overseas.

As a whole, the split portrays four bands at relatively early stages in their career, but already with prominent sounds that each fit their own niches nicely. It's an excellent way to become acquainted with the punk rock bands of tomorrow, while they're still under the radar for most people.

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Listen: Mighty Midgets / Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man / Fist of The North Star / Broken Aris

Release date 20.05.2011
5 Feet Under Records

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