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In today's musical climate, ska is usually thought of in the context of fast uptempo riffs and plenty of horn instruments. Think Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and other ska punk bands, which prefer frantic speed as their answer to how ska should be played. But here's a nine piece ska/reggae band from Colchester, UK, whose sophomore album "M.O.J.O" (abbreviated from Music Of Jamaican Origin) takes us back to the days when rocksteady and reggae played a far larger role in the style, and the songs were more about capturing a jazzy groove rather than a punk rock feeling. Think The Aggrolites, or perhaps also our local boys in Babylove & The Van Dangos.

Consequently, "M.O.J.O" carries a chill sound that's composed of classy trumpets, elegant saxophone solos, and laid back ska/reggae riffs. It's a sound that feels right at home at a jazz club or as background for an upper class dinner event. Catchy songs like "Dynamite" have sing along parts, whereas "Games That People Play" is an upbeat summer song, and "Stringalong" is a playful tune about a girl who strings guys along in the dozens. All have one thing in common though: they feel authentic. Vocalist Chris Watts sounds like he was actually of Jamaican origin in the way he applies his voice smoothly on top of the groovy instrumentation. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that this group is from Colchester, UK based on their tunes instead of Cuba or something, for it all sounds so convincing and believable throughout.

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For the fans of: The Aggrolites, Babylove & The Van Dangos, The Capital Beat,
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Release date 18.07.2011
Bomber Music

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