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Venturo were formed in October 2009 in Belgium from the ashes of a couple of bands none of us will ever have heard of. They released their debut five-track EP called "Breathing" earlier this year, their first effort at songwriting and recording as a unit. It's not too shabby, mixing together a number of different styles in an effort of finding something unique, but of course still a far cry from established bands in the scene.

Their vocalist sounds a little like Mike Skinner of The Streets from his early days, which is surprising, because the accent sounds British even though they are from Belgium, whilst the instruments have a hint of stoner rock groove to the guitars, a dose of post- (rock?) to the ambience, and a desire of experimental songwriting which definitely isn't for those who are looking for pop in their alternative rock. I guess that's what we'll call Venturo's style for now, alternative rock, for a lack of a better expression.

There are also nuances of psychedelia and progression in the songs, but I must admit it's not really working out for the band. The songs often sound like they are going nowhere until they shift from the quiet ambiance into louder guitars and recognizable riffs, but even here, these aren't exactly songs you'll remember the day after listening to them. Really, "Breathing" isn't even that bad of an EP, it's just at a stage where the band have done it more as a proof for themselves that they could, rather than as a product you people might be interested in - 74 likes on their Facebook page is proof of that.


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Release date Spring 2011

Wasting Time by Venturo

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