Po Kratkom Postupku

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Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, is renowned for its reputation of being the party capital of the Balkans. Legend says young people frequently travel from bordering countries just to experience the vibrant nightlife of the city, and as such, it's not a huge surprise to find the city fostering a beer-infused crossover thrash metal band like NadimaC. Because even though the Serbian lyrics prevent me in judging that with absolute certainty, their musical references pointing directly towards fellow beer-bongers Municipal Waste are suggestive enough.

Yes, we're dealing with (presumably) tongue-in-cheek crossover thrash metal, albeit with a penchant for speed metal at times. The likes of Nuclear Assault and even Toxic Holocaust are given nods instrumentally, while the vocals mostly follow the fun-loving approach of Municipal Waste, featuring lightning speed clean yells and hollers. But despite the lack of originality, NadimaC's expression is surprisingly fresh, mostly because the band knows how to pack hooks into their tight thrash metal riffs and how to display technical prowess without going overboard with it. In fact, they more often than not toy with old school punk and hardcore undertones that become predominant in their sound, leaving thrash metal as the steering wheel: it's required to turn the corners, but it's the driver who decides the route. The driver being punk-induced classic hardcore in case you didn't catch my drift (heh).

Gang shouts, Kreator/Slayer-like piercing solos are also used in great amounts, so overall it's safe to summarize "Po Kratkom Postupku" as a 'you know exactly what you are getting into' type of release in crossover thrash metal. Not necessarily genre-defining or great, but a decent nod towards the old school days of thrash metal.

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For the fans of: Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault, Engine Driven Cultivators
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Release date 25.10.2011

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