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Written by: TL on 17/10/2011 23:50:42

Bright And Early is a band that exploded into the awareness of when last year, their debut EP "Louder Than Words" gave us one of the best pop-punk songs we heard all year in "Something Personal". On that song, B&E ripped the glossy direction in which bands like All Time Low have taken pop-punk, advocating instead a more honest and organic approach, and delivering some of the catchiest music we heard from any band on their first effort.

Tomorrow sees the release of their second EP - titled "Getting Through It" - and on it the band initially opts to really practice the honesty the preach, opening proceedings with the acoustic "Stick By Me", which undeniably seems quite personal in the lyrics department. It's nice and intimate, and we get a good taste of the vocals - which sound like a mix of Motion City Soundtrack's Justin Pierre and Gatsby's American Dream's Nic Newsham - yet the song doesn't really seem to be as tender as its lyrics would suggest, and hence feels a little disconnected.

It's a bit baffling then, that B&E have thrown such a curve ball to open things up (although it gets your attention alright) because the second track "Rule Of Three" seems a much better example of what the band is all about. It's up beat pop-punk the way you're used to it, and then again not, because B&E imbue the genre with their trademark energy, pointed lyricism and diehard desire to rock, and hence both guitars and vocals are noticeably edgier than usual. You could say it justifies the promotional material calling them a brighter Bayside, or me instantly wanting to compare the band to Piebald, or you could just say it means it kicks a little more ass than most pop-punk.

Next up, "For What It's Worth" eases up on the gas a little, exploring the band's poppy sensibilities a little more, yet never getting away from that attitude of wanting to be way crunchier than powerpop, while also never leaning all the way over in the rougher kind of easycore that bands like Living With Lions is otherwise making popular these days. Similar things can be said of closer "Selling Yourself Short", which does however get the tempo back up, while offering probably the catchiest lyrics of the disc - bitterly questioning woman for staying with a no-good man - An easy choice for a highlight along with "Rule Of Three".

Overall, this is another solid outing for Bright And Early, and one that should help raise more attention among the more critical pop-punk aficionados out there. It may not have a song that makes as strong an instant impression as "Something Personal" did, but "Selling Yourself Short" is still pretty remarkable right off the bat, and all in all I only want to suggest that you listeners give these guys some attention, so they can maybe get started on an album instead of these all too brief EP's. Their sound and songwriting skills are certainly ready for it.

Download: Selling Yourself Short, Rule Of Three
For The Fans Of: Motion City Soundtrack, Say Anything, Piebald, Aficionado, Saves The Day

Release Date 18.10.2011
Pacific Ridge Records

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