The Great Bludgeoning

Written by: MH on 23/09/2011 13:45:44

There is not much to be said about Hatesphere that is not already mentioned everywhere including on Rockfreaks.net. You would think that a band like Hatesphere would be done for it after the complete band member switch, with guitarist Pepe as the only original member left, and change of vocalist for the second time. Despite an almost complete shuffle of band members this death-thrash band has continuously managed to deliver the next kick ass album on top of the other. And to give you readers an early spoiler, I can tell you that this album is no different from their spree of fantastic releases.

Their last album "To The Nines" received a lot of credit for the more abstract lyrics instead of the simple lyrics that has dominated all of Hatesphere's former material. This album is truly a comeback of the original Hatesphere sound, the lyrics have gone back to the simple texts about hate, chaos and death. A characteristic that never gets old is their groovy riffs, the main essence of Hatesphere's sound. It is hard not to add the sentence "headbanger friendly" in this review because the album varies between fast riffing and slow, groovy, breakdown-like riffing which both is very catchy and memorable. I bet you are thinking "oh this all sounds fine and well, but does their new singer Esben deliver?" My answer for that would be HELL YEAH! Sure his vocals do not have the same intensity as either one of the former singers, but his vocal style is very similar to Jacob Bredahl's and it sounds very much like Hatesphere in the old days. After I've watched their show where they threw a few songs in from this album to the setlist, I'm not a second in doubt that Esben belongs in Hatesphere.

In conclusion it is not so strange that Hatesphere so superiorly dominate the danish metal-scene as one of the top metal bands in the country. Against all odds Pepe has blown fire into the tiny sparks of hope the band had for succeeding after he continuously has been forced to find new members to keep the music alive. They own a formidable sound that I've noticed tends to inspire younger underground bands. This album is nothing less or nothing more than the previous Hatesphere albums, there is something new, somthing old, it is crisp and will it will kick your ass, and you shall listen to it!


Download: Smell Of Death, The Great Bludgeoning, Need To Kill
For the fans of: The Kandidate, Carnal Forge, Dew Scented
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Release date 26.09.2011
Napalm Records / Target

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