This Polar Noise EP

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Following the success of Gallows and Your Demise, the UK hardcore scene is in very good shape indeed. Many a band is out to add to its burgeoning mass hoping to receive their bite of the cake, among them Guildford based Polar, who have been garnering infamy for their fearsome live sets for some time in order to prepare us for the violent aural chaos of their debut EP, "This Polar Noise".

Asserting the band's no prisoners taken philosophy, "Tonight Matthew I am the Batman" provides a wholesale introduction to Polar's weapons grade hardcore. Come track two, "Shanghai Junk", the metallic aggression and menacing stop-start dynamics that have thus far been emphasized meet a rock n' roll edge not unlike Gallows and Denmark's own Night Fever. But while vocalist Adam Woodford's vocal style hints at both Frank Carter and Salomon, there is also something oddly unique about his smoky, strained yelling. It's more punk than metal; against the backdrop of guitars high on gain and distortion, it sticks out like a sore thumb - in a good way.

But while both "Armed to the Teeth" and "Cowboy the Fuck up" blossom with addictive punchlines, "This Polar Noise" also elicits a gnawing feeling that little of importance is achieved. More than anything it carries the air of a great live band, translating the madness that surely reigns over its shows especially well, but offering little beyond regurgitated, if solid modern British hardcore, the kind currently being spewed out in thick torrents by the island state. Fear not though, as Polar do at least belong in the elite caste of such bands, and if anything, it will be interesting to see which direction Polar take on future releases.


Download: Tonight Matthew I am the Batman, Shanghai Junk, Cowboy the Fuck Up
For the fans of: Gallows, Night Fever, Social Suicide
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Release date 21.02.2011
A Wolf At Your Door Records

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