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Triumph Or Agony

Written by: MY on 19/10/2006 15:41:26

Italian veteran metallers Rhapsody are back to the scene not only with a new album but with a new name as well. They had to change the name to Rhapsody Of Fire due to the trademark problems and the band members seem to enjoy this situation as they see it as a great chance for a good chance to start over.

Let me be honest first, I’ve never been a fan of this kind of music. The world of the fairies and elves still fascinates me though, but when it comes to the music, enough is enough, and power metal bands seem to be doing the same albums all the time with the same successful formula. Maybe it is because of the lack of inspiration or imagination, but just perhaps it is because it's what most of the fans want to hear. The only reason chose Rhapsody's new album for review is the band's previous release, "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II". It's probably the best album they've come up with so far and without reasonable doubt it will remain the same.

Produced by the band's guitarist/ songwriter Luca Turilli, dominated by Alex Starpoli's keyboards and chorus arrangements and guided by Fabio Lione's marvelous vocals, Rhapsody continues to exploit their fondness for the cinematic musical arrangements.

"Triumph Or Agony" starts with the echos from the elf woods, a short sample that quickly makes you understand that you're entering the world of elves. Then with the help of the operatic chorus, the tempo increases, and Fabio Lione welcomes you with his powerful vocals, and makes it the best song of the album for me. At the third song, "Heart Of Darklands", the album speeds faster and faster for the flow to be broken by a ballad. The rest of the album follows the trend - it's a clever song arrangement for sure as it never bores the listener. No matter if the music is fast or slow, Fabio Lione does a fascinating job. There are some melodies hanging around the whole album that you'll hear on most of the songs.

About the name change: keyboardist Alex Staropoli states "The power of the dragonflame will burn brighter than ever before." Well, actually not, as I still prefer their previous release. But the dragonflame is burning bright, as bright as to rule the power metal scene where many bands aren't even able to lit a small fire.

Download: Triumph Or Agony, The Myth Of The Holy Sword
For the fans of: Blind Guardian
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Release date: 25.09.2006
SPV Records
Provided by Target ApS

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