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"Worthless" by Chicago-based Weekend Nachos is a fairly typical grindcore album you'll find in the Relapse Records catalogue. It approaches the basic rulebook of the genre with a simplistic and straightforward attitude, but not before twisting it into their own mould to stand out from the rest of the grindcore crowd. This they do through the addition of both d-beat hardcore and sludge metal into their otherwise mental grindcore onslaught.

"Worthless" spends much of its time on songs that linger between the 30 second and 1 minute mark, delivering a relentless and monstrously raw and gritty grindcore expression at lightning speeds and maniacally screamed vocals, but often slows things down to a crawl with extended yelps and howls dominating the picture here. It is also here where the band executes their most brutalized work, as the slow tempo allows the guitars to really resonate pure heaviness, and to draw in a bit of hardcore as well, especially when the tempo picks up back toward d-beat speed levels. In a way, the band sounds like a strange combination of Rotten Sound, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, a number of obscure d-beat hardcore bands from Sweden, and a few sludge metal bands thrown in for good measure.

The good news is that the transitioning between the different parts could've been an utter mess, but it is handled smoothly in a way that gives the songs an organic and flowing feel. The bad news, however, is that "Worthless" isn't the masterpiece in genre experimentation it sets out to be, but instead a rather anonymous grind album that's good at what it does, but not much more than that. For grind enthusiasts only.

Download: You Could Exist Tomorrow, For Life,
For the fans of: Rotten Sound, Agoraphobic Nosebleed
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Release date 17.05.2011

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