Alls Well That Ends Well (reissue)

Written by: PP on 17/10/2006 18:17:04

The people who always criticize reissues of an album forget that when a band indeed does reissue an album, it may have slipped under the radar from many potential fans, myself being one of them in the case of Chiodos' debut (and only) album "Alls Well That Ends Well". The album was originally released just over a year ago and already Equal Vision is putting out a reissued version with a few acoustic tracks and a bonus DVD. But truth be told, aside from the bonus DVD, there isn't much to attract those who already own a copy of the cd to buy this one as well. Sure, there's a few acoustic tracks (emo was never made to be acoustic anyway) and new artwork but that's it. But for those of us who didn't bother to buy "Alls Well That Ends Well" in 2005, this is an exceptional chance to catch up with one of the more advanced emo/screamo acts of the past year or so as if to prepare for their sophomore album scheduled for next year.

Throughout "Alls Well That Ends Well", Chiodos shifts genre and style in the blink of an eye. There are brutal hardcore breakdowns and rhythm changes, ultra harmonious dual-guitar solos, plenty of high pitch vocals, and early Avenged Sevelfold type low shrieks.

The first track "All Nereids Beware" combines all these together and is easily the best rack on the album. After the introductory riff pauses, their growling vocalist jumps straight in before his voice breaks and is replaced by beautiful singing even Claudio Sanchez (Coheed & Cambria) would be proud of. Soon after, the song shifts into a Boysetsfire-style breakdown with forceful pianos and earcrushing riffs, before settling back to its ultra-melodic self straight after. Simply said, the band achieves something many bands do over several albums in just a single song! Breathtaking moments like this one occur all over the album, with the next most remarkable one on the superb "Baby You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek". This is also what separates Chiodos from the tonnes of other emo acts out there and sends a fresh breath of air your way.

While we're waiting for Chiodos to release their sophomore album, "Alls Well That Ends Well" is a good reminder of what the band is capable of, even if it does seem a little bit of a cash-in by the label. Hopefully they won't disappoint next year.


Download: All Nereids Beware, Baby You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek
For the fans of: early Avenged Sevenfold, Emery, Boys Night Out, Scary Kids Scaring Kids
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Release date 17.10.2006
Equal Vision

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