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Passion Of The Heist EP

Written by: PP on 26/07/2011 03:14:18

The previous record by I Am Abomination outlined them as a new kind of scene/post-hardcore band, one that steered well clear of high pitch emo clean vocals equally much as from generic breakdowns, instead taking bands like Protest The Hero and Between The Buried And Me as their inspiration for writing the record. "Passion Of The Heist" EP is their newest effort, one which sees the band fine-tune their already well-defined expression further.

Any breakdowns that may have existed on "To Our Forefathers" have been ironed out to obtain a more organic and better flowing expression. The change is minor, however, as their sound still draws heavily from the Protest The Hero songbook: intricate guitar leads intertwine and crash into each other, where the occasional crunchy guitar part exists to give the songs a heavy base to operate on. It's a good contrast for the all-clean vocals of Phil Druyor, whose work on especially "Examination" recalls the great melodies we heard on the infamous Ice Nine Kills EP "The Burning". He owns a good set of pipes, for sure, but there's just no going around the fact that this is very much a guitar player's album. Even the occasional synths and electronic effects don't distort the view away from the blinding leads and technical verse-passages that are the absolute highlight of the record song in song out.

"Transformation" is another track where one can't but think of Ice Nine Kills during the vocal melodies, though the guitars once again feel more comfortable in connection with Between The Buried And Me than your typical post-hardcore unit, technical or otherwise. It's the second highlight on the record, and would I be grading just out of these two songs the grade would be perhaps a full one higher. The remaining songs just have less oomph to them in terms of catchy vocals/guitars/songwriting, though credit should be given where credit is due nonetheless. "Ascension", which features the Attack Attack! singer Caleb Shomo on guest vocals, is one such track where the instrumentals and songwriting is in good standing, but yet the song doesn't stick or impress in the same manner. That said, none of the tracks on "Passion Of The Heist" EP are decidedly bad, hence I'll award them with a solid grade.


Download: Examination, Transformation
For the fans of: Protest The Hero, Chiodos, Ice Nine Kills
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Release date 19.07.2011
Good Fight Entertainment

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