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Napalm Records' new signings, Viking Metal heroes Týr, are once again hailing from Faeroe Islands with their third album, "Ragnarok". The band's second album "Eric The Red" has always been described as an almost-perfect one and it's the album that brought the band a true success, tons of fans and even a deal with Napalm Records. Therefore it also is one of the biggest reasons for the great expectations for the new album.

Týr entered the Hansen Studios in Dernmark with producer Jacob "isn't he a genius?" Hansen for the recording, which should already make you easily guess that the album has a very promising sound. The cover artwork was done by Jan Yrlund and together with the album title they make Týr true cliches of Viking Metal.

"Ragnarok" is an epic album about the tales of Scandinavian mythological battles and Viking warriors. Unlike the most popular bands of the genre such as Amon Amarth, Týr's vocalist / guitarist / mainman Heri Joensen doesn't use scream vocals but emotional, soaring, clean-throated vocals in a well-pronounced way instead. And in addition to English, he also sings in Faroese, their main language in Faeroe Islands, which accompanies powerful Viking choruses and traditional melodies which add an amazing atmosphere to the album, worth listening at least once. "Ragnarok" probably has some of the best guitarwork I've heard in terms of melody, and despite being quite simple, the sound is truly great.

The album starts with an instrumental song, which is a good choice for the opening track, but it is followed by "The Hammer Of Thor" which disappointed me deeply. In reality I don't have any real problems with this track; I was just hoping to hear a bombastic song that would make me stick to the album. But as the album goes on, the disappointing point transforms into a welcoming fact as "Ragnarok" doesn't really have anything that would blow your mind out so you can crank up the volume as loud as you can and press the play button once again just after the album finishes without any trouble.

Give it a try if you like viking metal but honestly Tyr's "Ragnarok" wasn't able to convince me to get armed and run to the battle field.


Download: Brothers Bane, The Hunt
For the fans of: Amon Amarth, Turisas
Listen: Týr @ MySpace

Release date 25.09.2006
Napalm Records
Provided by Target ApS

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