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Mission: Polar Lights

Written by: PP on 20/07/2011 04:25:16

It's difficult to believe The Satellite Year are from Germany, the country of generic Judas Priest clones and Rammstein fans, because their debut album "Mission: Polar Lights" sounds like arch-American emo-tinged alternative rock in every possible way. Here I'm thinking of bands like Anberlin, Boys Like Girls, Madina Lake, and maybe even Jimmy Eat World in places, all of whom The Satellite Year reference at one point or another throughout the course of this record.

Their vocalist sings in a whiny and angsty emo voice that's bound to be annoying for some, but it works for this type of music when combined with catchy hooks and big, anthemic choruses. He shares a whole lot of common ground with the emotional croon of the Hawthorne Heights vocalist, though the music itself is a little brighter and more electro-rock influenced, while still retaining that Armor For Sleep/Anberlin type of alternative rock feel to it. Essentially, it means that you'll be dealing with a whole lot of melodrama and emotiveness in their sound, which need not be a bad thing always, and it isn't in this case either. Songs like "Because This Ain't Vegas", "Citizens. Districts. Telescopes", or "Jelly, Jelly, How To Survive Such A Trip?" are all catchy and sing-alongable, but they suffer ever-so-slightly from a too rigid and forced production that in the past killed promising acts like So They Say and National Product. Who, you ask? Exactly.

Overall though "Mission: Polar Lights" is a solid debut album. It's rare to hear this type of sound originating from Germany, and my guess is that it would feel right at home in the US scene from three to four years ago when this style of emo/alternative was at the height of its popularity. Today, it still sounds pretty good, if a tad bit dated in its sound.


Download: Because This Ain't Vegas, Citizens. Districts. Telescopes
For the fans of: Anberlin, Madina Lake, Armor For Sleep, Boys Like Girls
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Release date 30.05.2011
Engineer Records

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