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History Repeats

Written by: EK on 19/07/2011 20:42:41

Since 1991 Dying Fetus have been bringing their own brand of intricate death metal to anyone who'll listen. Twenty years of experience is a huge bragging right, especially to a band in their genre, especially to a band who have seen over six successful studio releases. Armed with that wealth of experience, the band release covers EP "History Repats". Six covers of some of death metals finest bands and one new track.

The new track, "Rohypnol" is easily the best on the EP, charming, concise and rich in pig squeals it rips through your ears in under a minute of sheer death metal brutality. The rest of the EP however, isn't as cogent. The songs that the band have covered, with the exception of "Born In A Casket" and "Fade Into Obscurity" which were both covered exquisitely, have all been B-side tracks, that some will have no real recognition of. This could have both positive and negative connotations but for a band like Dying Fetus, they can only achieve the latter. The musicianship on the EP is exactly what you'd expect from a band with twenty years experience, exemplary of what a death metal band should be, but in covering less popular tracks, they've fallen short of the full potential of their cover record. The production on the album is in keeping with Dying Fetus' ageing style, hinting at minimalism with a slightly less polished mix than most recent releases.

"History Repeats" is a good EP and exhibits some of the best aspects of Dying Fetus as a band and portrays their ability honestly, but throughout, I couldn't help thinking they've could've chosen much better tracks. It almost feels like they limited the printing to 5,000 copies for a reason.


Download: Rohypnol.
For the fans of: Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death.

Release Date 25.07.2011

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