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Written by: PP on 07/07/2011 17:27:16

Finnish melodic death metal outfit Nation Despair have two previous released underneath their belt before their newest EP "Lies". It's a record that recalls the traditional interpretation of the genre before the influx of metalcore made it damn near impossible to distinguish between the modern melodeath bands and pure metalcore outfits like Darkest Hour. It's refreshing to hear such an old school take on the genre which takes its cues from the same place as the early Dark Tranquillity records did, although Nation Despair's expression isn't quite as clear-cut melodeath as that.

Instead, the band integrates elements of modern metal and muscular riffing to the age-old formula, which leads me to wonder if this is how Machine Head might have sounded like had they chosen to write melodeath instead. The slightly melancholic melodies also point towards fellow Finns in Sentenced, and the modern vibes emitted by the record as a whole have a tendency of sounding like Scar Symmetry have been an influence to the band. Basically, put the sound of those three bands together, and blend it in a melodeath environment and you're close to what Nation Despair sounds like.

That leaves one question to be asked: is it good? The short answer is, it is so-so. The longer answer is that there are some great melodic leads that drive the songs forward on especially "Cleansed By Conviction", but, at least for the undersigned, the deep growls of the vocalist aren't on par with what is considered a good standard in the genre. They do make "Lies" EP sound aggressive and in part give it its modern feel, but they either need to be thicker or more melodic to make an impression. So to sum it up, "Lies" EP is a decent stab at modern melodic death metal without hints of metalcore plaguing the mix, but not much more than that.


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Release date 01.01.2011

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