Deceased To Exist

Written by: PP on 05/07/2011 02:07:58

The sheer number of old school death metal bands concentrating on the Swedish interpretation of the genre is mind-boggling, most of them average at best, boring at worst. Not so for Sweden's Maim whose sophomore album "Deceased To Exist" is a brutal display of pummeling death metal riffs from the original days at its best. Well, maybe best is an exaggeration, but the song writing is rock solid on this one.

Opening track "Gravedigger Sacrifice" is a good example of why Maim's new album is better than most by their equally revivalist peers. It contains all the elements a good death metal song should have: grinding instruments played at a devastating tempo, creepy howls and grunts that add a darkened atmosphere to the songs, tight and varied drumming, plus a repertoire of fine and well executed riffing that break out from the generic formula of the genre. Think of faster Autopsy songs, some older Death tracks, and of course bands like Dismember and Repulsion, and you're almost there.

The production has left a little bit of an echo to the mix on purpose, which adds to the evil and hounding atmosphere that constantly follows all Maim songs, whether they are medium tempo or lightning speed crackers. It's a slab of good, old school Swedish death metal but one that still manages to stay relevant in today's offering in the genre. The twisting and grinding riffs alone make this a worthwhile recommendation for anyone into death metal.


Download: Gravedigger Sacrifice
For the fans of: Autopsy, Death, Dismember, Repulsion
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Release date 07.03.2011
Soulseller Records

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