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Written by: PP on 13/06/2011 02:18:40

Hittegods is another rock'n'roll project from Finland that coincidentally sent in their new EP "Let It Burn" nearly simultaneous to a very like-minded and like-sounding band called Nitroforce 9 from the same country. I wonder if the two bands know of each other, given how similar their recent material sounds? Anyway, it's been almost two years since I reviewed their previous demo, the "You Reap What You Sow" EP, which sounded awfully lot like a sub-par AC/DC and Neil Young clone, with little promise of improvement in the future. I guess I have to eat my own words because their fifth demo/EP, "Let It Burn", displays vast improvement in pretty much all areas of their sound.

For starters, Hittegods have added a boatload of energy to their sound, now sounding more convincing and like a band to be taken seriously instead of the somewhat amateurish vibe of their past material. Secondly, the band have shifted away from merely imitating AC/DC towards the alternative rock realm, which has automatically given their sound a much more modern and relevant feel. The songs also sound like they are rocking out instead of just rolling forward anonymously, with "Fool For Rock" and "Supernatural Man" containing just the right combination of groovy guitars and memorable vocals to qualify as decent, even good listens in the right mood.

There's of course still the problem that Hittegods don't sound particularly original in a crowded genre of solid bands, which will continue to cause problems for them not least because of their geographic origin. It's just that much harder to make a name for yourself as a Finnish band than if you're from the UK, Germany or, well, anywhere else in Central Europe. That said, "Let It Burn" is a significant improvement from what I was hearing on their previous record, so if they keep evolving at this rate, their next release will be one worth paying some attention to.

Download: Fool For Rock
For the fans of: Nitroforce 9, Revengine, Smokesuit
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Release date early 2011

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