Mastery Of Self

Written by: ASH on 01/10/2006 20:25:57

Highly energetic metal never seems to take a break nowadays and here's another five-pointed star of radical metal to keep the scenes alive. Since their indie debut back in 2002, Masterlast seem certain that their newest release, set to be released here in the beginning of October in Europe, will blow their audience away with a great sound similar to a little more metallish version of Guano Apes. To be honest, there is actually quite a bit similarity between these two. They both include female band members and both show a great display of energy along with confidence to cross between the borders of the various musical genres.

With "I Ache", the band opens up their album with a mix of oriental drumming meets hip-hop beats. Quite mixed feelings to start out with, but it gets interesting when it all hits the peak and explodes into some impressive guitar riffs. Shortly after, front vocalist Lizza Hasan breaks the ice with her creeping voice before the band pounds into the chorus. The track itself is a good introduction to the whole environment of the album and you get to feel some of their energy. This is a good taster, but it's nothing compared to the next track "Wake Up Today". The guitars hammer you to the chair and you get Lizza's voice in your face immediatly after gaining your ground. Personally, the nu-metal chorus doesn't say anything to me but the quartet really abuses this track to show off their experimental minds. After a pair of acidous metal riffs the band leaps into a bridge of acoustic guitars, allowing the listener to inhale some air.

Throughout "Mastery Of Self", Lizza Hasan and Val Glauser, the femme fatals of Masterlast shows that women also pack quite a punch. Nevertheless, they wouldn't manage without Cedric Aegerter, William Valentine and John Macaluso. The band is a symbiose of music, where they all work together perfectly. This equals some great approval of that they, through teamwork and the mix of different styles from all over the world, already know the idea of working together for one cause. But that's crystal clear to anyone, even from just looking at their logo forming a circle of completeness.

All in all, Masterlast has produced a good album that I would definitely recommend to those who like experimental metal that isn't afraid to dig deeper into multi-cultural themes. But bear in mind that "Mastery Of Self" can become too much 'we like chanting', especially on the tenth track "Challenge You", which can become long-drawn in the end. I have confidence in the band, but they could also use more focus on some unique songs that strike deeper into the body of the listener.


Download: "Wake Up Today", "Highmax"
For the fans of: Opeth, Guano Apes, Katatonia
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Release date 29.09.2006
Escapi Music
Provided by Target ApS

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