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Written by: TL on 08/06/2011 13:43:51

Right, with the most troubling exam in recent memory behind me (Metaphysics and Epistemology, if you must know), it's time to get the reviewing ball rolling again, and to start things off I have "Form", the third LP from New Zealand trio Die! Die! Die! (I'm tempted to call them 3D). I can't say I've ever heard about the band, but from what I can read about them, they are apparently a noise pop/punk act who enjoys some moderate success around their parts.

From what I can hear, their stylistic description isn't at all inaccurate. The band does indeed employ simplistic yet noisy elements, that first of all remind me of recently hip names such as Yuck, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart or The Raveonettes. The instrumentals are fuzzy and straight-forward and the sole vocal in play, is also of a typically distorted indie-type, the sort which seems to peek out from between the guitar chords, rather than sit profitably on top of them.

The band keeps the punk element employed as well, by keeping things more up-beat and energetic than any of the bands compared to so far. Indeed, on a few occassions, they almost lean into the territory of very early emo/post-hardcore. See for instance third track "Howye" to hear what I'm talking about. Here, the band has brief moments that remind me of the likes of At The Drive-In or Rites Of Spring. Curiously, I also get consistent vibes that leads the mind in the direction of Brit-rock bands like Placebo, Kasabian and Bayonets.

Regardless, I must admit that I have a hard time following through with my efforts to pinpoint the band's sound, because my impression is that it unfortunately isn't very exciting to listen to, especially not when compared to records by any of the other bands mentioned. After a decent starting trio of songs, the limited variety of sounds the band employs, slowly seems to cause them to lose grip of the listener's attention. In effect, while it maintains a pretty cool atmosphere throughout, after "Howye", the record doesn't really bring the listener back in before track nine "HT". This I find to be the sole highlight on offer, bringing about the best vocal/guitar combination of the album in its chorus.

Overall, "Form" lands in the category of albums I'd enjoy having on while messing about my apartment, but offers too little hooks or variety to endure attentive headphone listens. It's the kind of thing you like while you listen, but forget mostly all about soon afterwards, and save for a song or two, the material hence cannot warrant a grade much higher than around the average. To go higher than that, I think the band has to either spice things up, or become more consistent in the department of catchyness.

Download: Howye, HT
For The Fans Of: "Placebo meets Yuck meets Rites Of Spring"
Listen: myspace.com/diediedienz

Release Date 01.04.2011
Golden Antenna

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