I Call Fives / Rust Belt Lights

Split EP

Written by: TL on 29/05/2011 14:31:26

Well fuck. It seems neglecting my education for so long (kids, don't try this at home) finally caught up to me, and dragged me kicking and screaming away from reviewing for a while. Fortunately, the worst of the storm has now been weathered, and I'm ready to return to the circuit, and what better way to do so, than with some easily enjoyable pop-punk, courtesy of a recent split release from the hands of I Call Fives and Rust Belt Lights.

The release contains two songs from each band, and I Call Fives are first up with their contributions "Too Much To Lose" and "For The Best". The New Jersey quintet has already been featured on our site, when DR reviewed their "Bad Advice EP" yet while he placed them in the rougher end of the pop-punk spectrum, ICF are actually the more polished of the two acts on offer here, reminding me mostly of pop-punk the way it sounded back when Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory were the bands that first sprang to mind when thinking of the genre. Their songs seem like the those of a band that is getting its shit together and starting to get its name out there, sounding both effective, energetic and catchy, and especially the second cut, "For The Best", is likely to stick to your mind for a while.

In comparison, Rust Belt Lights appear the more raw counter-part, with both vocals and instrumentals leaning harder on the pop-punk. Hence, comparisons to The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals and With The Punches are more fitting, as their two songs race by at high speed, with a no-nonsense attitude. The Buffalo five-piece may not be striking lyrical gold on "With No Hesitation" and "Haters Get Hated", but they sing with conviction, and their sentiments are easy to get behind, so the directness really only compliments the experience.

Overall, there's not really anything substantial to complain about on this split. The recording sounds nice, and all songs are easy to enjoy and get into. When that's been said though, none of them are the kind of hits you'll sing along to for ages after a single listen, and they all fly by so fast, that you'll have to spin the EP a fair few times, before you get the feel of each band. That's a bit of a shame, because from what's on here, I'd say getting to know the bands is worth being interested in, but then I guess the limited amount of material is in the nature of a split, so why not just take it for what it is, and be on the lookout for future full lengths?

Download: For The Best, With No Hesitation, Haters Get Hated
For The Fans Of: old Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals
Listen: I Call Fives / Rust Belt Lights

Release Date 05.04.2011
Broken Rim Records

I Call Fives

Rust Belt Lights

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