Parallel Overdrive EP

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For a great example of how to make synth rock / gothic rock sound fresh and inviting, one needs to look no further than Vanth and their EP "Parallel Overdrive". These Italians have mastered the art of writing instantly catchy gothic anthems perfect for the murky rave parties that go on in alternative gothic clubs across Central Europe, where you'll likely experience girls dancing in cages, pyro technics all over the place, and freaking strange techno/electronic cuts injected into gothic tracks for good measure.

While the first impression of Vanth will likely draw you towards comparisons like HIM and The 69 Eyes, the band quickly moves away from the cliché territory into a realm of their own, one that could be compared to like-minded synth rockers Mandragora Scream. In essence, they play synth rock with heavily gothic overtones, which might sound dull on paper but the songs are impossibly catchy. In fact, they are best described as fist-pumping anthems perfect for the gothic caves and rave discos around the world, led by their vocalist whose delivery is full of darkened and saddened melancholia. His unusual tone and the relatively high tempo in songs like "Duality" is what makes Vanth stick out from a genre that usually produces generic crap and more crap.

The EP is finally topped off with a frightening instrumental-only track "Th3 Music That I N3v3r Had", which starts off sounding like Zombi's masterpiece "Spirit Animal", but soon develops into a crazed dance fest with high pitch synths mingling with programmed drums and echoing dance beats precisely like those you remember from the "Bloodbath" scene in Blade. It's a fitting end to a record as it perfectly demonstrates what kind of band you are dealing with, a summary track of the Vanth sound, if you will. Man, if they only had clubs playing this sort of music over here in Denmark, I'd pay a frequent visit as the atmosphere is undeniable. It's just too bad that the band chooses to ruin an otherwise solid EP with a ridiculously bad cover of "Summer Of 69". Despite modifying the song to fit into their synth rock platform, it's still too bright and too happy to fit with the gothic overtone carrying the rest of the album. Otherwise, great work, danceable synth rock doesn't come much better than this.


Download: Move, Closed To The World
For the fans of: HIM, Mandragora Scream, Eisbrecher, The 69 Eyes
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 12.10.2010

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