Police Teeth

Awesomer Than The Devil

Written by: PP on 06/05/2011 02:50:53

Messy, chaotic and fiery, "Send More Cops" introduces Police Teeth as a back-to-the-basics hardcore band with bunch of noise and distortion added in for good measure. It's a strange way to introduce your third album "Awesomer Than The Devil" to people who haven't heard your band before, because for the rest of the album the band stays firmly in garage/indie/post-punk territory.

Already the second track, "Summertime Bruise", takes the listener through fuzzy garage rock with a distinctly melodic tinge to the vocals that sticky them to your mind nicely from the midst of screeching guitar and distorted bass lines, making it one of the highlights from the record. This continues on "Hatebuttoned", whose shouted vocals give the song an energetic, joyous vibe despite it's very simplistic three chord punk rock nature. Or should I say post-punk? That's the term given to bands who repeat simple chords ad-infinitum, amirite Fucked Up and Pitchfork?

Other bands being referenced throughout the album are aplenty, but a noisier version of Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu pop out as the most obvious ones. Perhaps if - and this is a big if - At The Drive-In had split into a post-punk band instead of Sparta and The Mars Volta, the result would've been something like the sometimes bright, sometimes melodic, at times brooding post-punk of Police Teeth.

While "Awesomer Than The Devil" might not be a masterpiece release for the ages, it's a lot better than the typical garage rock / post-punk releases (*cough*Iceage*cough*) being released on a monthly basis. It has variety, it is unpredictable, but most of all, it is eccentric, and has a strong sense of identity for it. Combine that with the influences I just mentioned...wait, why are you still reading? You should be on their Bandcamp page already.

Download: Summertime Bruise, Hatebuttoned, Rock & Roll Is A Pyramid Scheme
For the fans of: Fucked Up, Mission Of Burma, Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 26.04.2011
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