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Seth.ECT, founded in 2008, is an industrial metal band from Turkey, who are now out with their debut album. According to their myspace description "Seth.ECT push the limits of aggression and emotion through its musical symbiosis of extreme metal and industrial sounds". Whether they succeed with that statement can be hard to tell when my knowledge in this area is close to zero, but I found myself being dragged into this album very easily.

This Turkish band's sound is obviously influenced by their geological location, there are lots of mystique and instrumental parts that emphasize where they are from. They combine mystical and powerful synthesizers with strong metal. There are fast drum beats and heavy bass sounds, pretty decent screams and guitar riffs. This can bring up a discussion as to whether or not it works, because their industrial sounds can be compared to some pretty hardcore techno. It can get a little noisy, but I have to admit that it doesn't bother me, and it might even be the reason why I was so fascinated when I first heard them. The first two songs "ECT" and "B.L.A.S.T" blew me away with the incredible energy and dare I say interesting synthesizers. The thing that really keeps you interested though is the almost psychedelic feeling you get while listening to it especially in the song "Call Of Ancients". Let's just say that it would probably drag most people elsewhere if they were high on something. Unfortunately the album gets pulled into a monotone direction the longer you get into the record, but I guess it has something to do with the "wow feeling" being gone, or the simple fact that this is not really a genre I would prioritize the most.

This will of course never be an easy genre to love or even understand if you're not a fan of it, and since I've had a hard time finding any similar bands, I have to say that Seth.ECT is worth a listen if you want to explore something different and maybe even unique. Though I cannot bring myself to decide what I think of this album. I suspect that this album is either a love or hate situation for most people. Even though I probably wouldn't listen to this album again out of personal preference, I choose to give them credit for keeping me interested most of the time.


Download: ECT, B.L.A.S.T, For Se7en Years, Call Of Ancients
For The Fans Of: Deathstars, Fear Of Domination,
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Release date 04.04.2011

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