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Qube is a progressive rock band from Lublin, Poland, who formed in 2005. Prior to the release of "Incubate" the band has released only one full length, "Shapes", which received significant critical acclaim for its thoughtful introverted soundscapes. Their live performances are reportedly an outpouring of emotion at its purest, which stems from the dark, emotionally charged atmosphere of their recording output, of which "Incubate" is a good example.

Though the songs all stretch way beyond the six-minute mark - with the two longest surpassing eleven minutes - Qube take good care of not resorting into the kind of progressive wankery that makes the likes of Dream Theater inaccessible for the non-progressively oriented music fan. Their music is progressive, but it latches onto alternative rock and soft metal enough to allow for reasonably catchy song structures. "Nothing", for instance, could have been out of Metallica's repertoire from the 90s, featuring some hard-hitting guitar work and James Hetfield-esque vocal work, whereas "In The Name of God" resembles A Perfect Circle's output in places. Dark emotions charge through the atmospheric soundscape given some laid back instrumentation, which slowly progresses into epic heights for a climaxing point. These two are also the very best tracks "Incubate" has to offer.

Overall, however, Qube fails to generate enough interest to warrant a higher rating. Aside from the two songs I mentioned, the rest are merely decent pieces of progressive rock, featuring lengthy all-instrumental passages and tasty guitar work, but little that incites repeat-play value for prolonged periods of time. Fans of Metallica's softer songs should have a look, as well as those who swear to the god of prog rock day in and day out.

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Release date 21.01.2011
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