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I Hate Our Freedom is a little known hardcore/post-hardcore unit from Brooklyn, New York, but that's about to change soon now that they've released their Kurt Ballou (Converge) orchestrated debut album, "Seriously". Mr Ballou isn't the only superstar associated with the band, considering the lineup consists of members from bands like Thursday, Texas Is The Reason, Garrison and Milhouse. I suppose it's in order to call them a supergroup of some magnitude, eh?

The record starts off with strenuous throat-piercing vocal work and groovy southern rhythms in "Top 8", a track that could've easily been featured on an older Every Time I Die record. The expression mellows down soon after into a softer and smoother sound where the band experiments with combining elements of post-hardcore to no-frills rock'n'roll and groovy hardcore. It wouldn't be out-of-place to ask the question of whether Cancer Bats would sound exactly like this if they toned down the screaming and hardcore punk attitude of their songs. I've never been a big fan of the Bats on record because their songs tend to blend together a little too well, but this is an area where I Hate Our Freedom triumphs: the songs are extremely catchy and driven by infectious vocal melodies throughout.

In fact, the rock'n'roll turned clean hardcore approach taken by the guys here closely recalls another supergroup, The Damned Things, on at least a couple of tracks, but especially on "It's No First 7 Inch" and on "Never Promise Crazy A Baby", the latter one being a track that could've easily been on "Ironiclast". The vocal hooks are simply irresistible during songs like the aforementioned and "Sober Sunday", promising a bright future for this small band once the scene discovers them properly. "Seriously" is a nice combination of clean vocal hardcore, rock'n'roll, explosive moments, and sing-a-long passages, one sure to start turning some heads sometime soon.

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For the fans of: Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, The Damned Things
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Release date 01.03.2011
Mightier Than Sword

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