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Since its first release in 1995 - the single "Anthemic Tune" by Curdlefur - Deep Elm Records has been one of the heart-warmingly (for lack of a better word:) pure indie labels. Untainted by commerical interests of 'cash-cow' bands and hit singles, and not being one of those 'indie' labels that work in the back pocket of the major labels, you get the feeling that with Deep Elm and their bands it is all about the music.

That's why they're giving away a (yet another) compilation titled "Postrockology". Twelve tracks from the label's back-catalogue, featuring songs from approximately ten years ago, "Steps And Numbers" and "Storms" from The Appleseed Casts seminal albums "Low Level Owl: Volume I" and "Mare Vitalis" respectively; all the way up to a few years ago with "8105" from Moving Mountains' "Pneuma", to releases from more recent months, such as "Oh, Good Morning" from Last Lungs' debut album "Look At That Old Grizzly Bear" and "Nothing Remains Forever But The Future Still Holds Hope" from Goonies Never Say Die's "No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears".

Perhaps the most impressive factor about "Postrockology", indicative of the Deep Elm roster in general, is not just the obvious quality of each individual band, but the fact that each one has a unique handle on the genres they play. From I Am Sonic Rain's erratic atmospheres of "Fog Is Drowning Us"; to the sweeping and gorgeous Moonlit Sailor contribution of "1994"; to the soaring crescendo of "Oh, Good Morning". There isn't just out and out post-rock on here though, as the sound of Moving Mountains and Athletics is more of a soundscape-driven alternative, the seven-minute mammoth of "Storms" draws on familiar (but for the time prophetic) post-rock build-up but infuses emotionally-charged screams - these track are arguably more likely to attract those who wouldn't typically call themselves fans. I think that's what makes this compilation so special, as if you like indie music in any form you're sure to find something here for you.

Seeing "Deep Elm Records" attatched to any release is like an automatic seal of approval for me, and is it any wonder why. When it comes to indie and post-rock music - especially the area where those two styles can often overlap - is there another label out there in possession of a stronger arsenal than what they currently boast? And they haven't just provided us with some of the seminal albums of the past decade, but also with bands that could set the benchmark for the next.


Download: The Appleseed Cast - Storms; Moonlit Sailor - 1994; Moving Mountains - 8105; Last Lungs - Oh, Good Morning
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Release Date 23.02.2011
Deep Elm Records

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