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Written by: PP on 30/03/2011 21:44:07

If the last few weeks of going through nominees for the metal genre at the Underground Music Awards have taught me anything, it is that Denmark's metal scene is flourishing and producing excellent bands in terms of technical ability, and increasingly so in terms of composition as well. The Last Messenger weren't on the shortlist yet, but that's because they're a brand new outfit who have only just released their three track debut EP "In Todays News" a couple of months ago, which is under consideration in this review.

The Copenhagen-located bunch have elected metalcore as their chosen genre, and a particularly straight-forward and Americanized version of it to be precise. Comparisons to bands like August Burns Red and All That Remains are a given due to the clean and crisp melodic leads and a tight rhythm section, and because they generally avoid breakdowns to achieve a better flow to the music. In that sense The Last Messenger play very unapologetic metalcore, not afraid to dive nose first into the world of all-screamed vocals, twin guitar harmonies and the whole shebang. It also means they sound very unlike the conventional Danish Metal sound, which is a benefit as they stick out from the local crowd.

Internationally, they do so to a much lesser extent. Although "In The Asylum" has a slick melody and "Closure" is reasonably catchy for a metalcore song, neither is particularly creative or original, nothing you wouldn't have heard in a slightly more glossy and catchier format before. But bear in mind this is only a three track debut, so you can't and shouldn't be expecting the band to come roaring out the gates impressing everything and everyone around you. "In Todays News" can therefore be judged as a decent release for a Danish band for now, but with the afterthought that it does fall significantly behind the international heavyweights when placed in direct comparison.


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Release date 15.01.2011

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