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Written by: PP on 24/03/2011 22:34:41

Turns out it's a post-metal fair here at right now, the Earthship debut album "Exit Eden" being the fourth post-metal album reviewed in the last three days. They originate from Berlin, Germany, just like their brethren in The Ocean, and so it is no big surprise to find The Ocean members Jan Oberg (ex member, drums) and Robin Staps (guitar) participating in the outfit. "Exit Eden" is their debut album, one which is certainly influenced by The Ocean as much as it is by more post-metal oriented bands.

For the most part, Earthship sound like a hardcore band turned post-metal. They have the semi-growled yells, and faster riffs than most post-metal bands, but yet fall somewhere between the two genres. The vocalist is very good, executing his semi-screamed, semi-yelled gnarly expression nearly flawlessly. The musicianship is good as long as you take it for its face value, but as soon as you start paying attention you start noticing the differences that make Earthship a far inferior band to most in the genre. For starters, the songs just aren't very interesting. They are harsh and brutal, but yet somehow fail to feel aggressive. Moreover, it doesn't sound like Earthship know how to incorporate an element of catchy into their music, which is a must in post-metal if you're not drawn towards the more post-rock influenced approach in the genre.

Many reviewers have compared Earthship to Mastodon previously. It's true that Earthship emit that "Blood Mountain"/"Leviathan" era Mastodon sound occasionally, just without the pretentious vibe, but in no place is the band actually comparable to the giants in terms of songwriting. The tracks on "Exit Eden" are alright, but not something you'd seek out in the sea of awesome post-metal bands out there. The Ocean, the main influence to the band, is for example much craftier at this style than Earthship at the moment, who can be characterized as a standard, generic, average post-metal for the time being.

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Release date 28.02.2011
Pelagic Records

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