My Blood

Written by: MH on 13/03/2011 10:41:23

Back in the early 80's, 1982 to be precise, a Danish thrash sensation was taking its form. Artillery, also known as the "Danish Thrash Legends" by their fans, had a long break after their release of the album "B.A.C.K" in 1999. In 2009 they returned with a new singer and a new album "When Death Comes". And now they are back with yet another album titled "My Blood" which I personally have been looking forward to ever since I heard they were releasing another album.

Artillery have always been an energetic technical thrash band who master the greatest thrash elements, like strong vocals, killer riffs and speed. Despite the fact that some fans have been complaining about the new singer Søren Nico Adamsen, I'd like to use this opportunity to mention that Adamsen has the strength in his voice that any deadly thrash vocalist should have. The album opener "Mi Sangre (The Blood Song)" gives a good expression of his capability to go from his regular clean vocals to a high pitch scream. One might fear that a band like Artillery with many years behind them, lose their originality and become more melodic and less thrashing, but fortunately Artillery stay true to their roots and deliver a full thrash package, when it comes to the instrumental parts so to speak. Both guitarist Michael and Morten Stützer’s talent bursts out in the form of a fast-paced wave of heavy and shredding dominance throughout the album.

Since Artillery is one of my favourite bands, I have to put aside my fangirl genes and try to be objective. It took me some time to be convinced by the quality in this album, though the instrumental part is a very high quality, most of the lyrics seem simple, cheesy and uninteresting which pulls down my first impression and the whole great thrash experience for me. That said, I must strictly emphasize that after I listened to the album more closely, I realised that it is a good album, but I've heard much better thrash albums, and much better from Artillery as well.


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