Days Of Anger

Death Path

Written by: PP on 07/03/2011 04:12:41

You have to give Sweden's Days Of Anger credit for delivering a label contract and a full length so quickly after forming, it has been barely a year since the trio first set out to write and rehearse songs. Usually when a label signs a band so quickly it indicates either enormous potential or a humongous amount of hype surrounding their live performances, but since Days Of Anger is probably a band most of you have never heard of, we can rule out the latter.

That leaves enormous potential. Unfortunately, "Death Path" doesn't deliver on that part. Instead, what you'll get is 45 minutes of boring, generic Bay Area thrash metal that has received the typical Swedish metal treatment. In this case, it means Days Of Anger largely sound like The Haunted, thanks to the ultra-aggressive, in-your-face style of screaming by vocalist Alex Jonsson, who resembles Peter Dolving from the older The Haunted albums. He pours his angry scream/yell combination into the mic without holding back even a little bit throughout the whole album, a style which quickly becomes monotonous and irritating instead of sounding passionate. The problem lies within an abundant lack of character in both the vocals and the rest of the music, but especially in the latter the band fails utterly and completely to separate themselves from the peers. This isn't just a problem on a song or two but a consistent theme of "Death Path" in general, obviously to the detriment of Days Of Anger, who have delivered a painfully average and nothing-saying album in the space of just under one year.

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Release date 25.02.2011
Massacre Records

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