Last Days Of Rome EP

Written by: TL on 06/03/2011 23:12:00

From the time the world became aware of the word 'emo', till present day when the term has become so loosely applicable as to have little if any meaning, the trend has undergone many, many transformations, and it's a shame actually, that its development was so fast, because many of its stages were good enough for it to be alright if they had spawned more bands and albums. This goes especially I think, for the original, raw beginnings of melodic emo/pop-punk, the sort of which preceded bands like New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy.

If you agree with such a sentiment, five guys from Brooklyn - with past histories in bands Divider, Bridge & Tunnel, The Motorcycle Industry, Latterman and Crime In Stereo - have got something for you to hear. Together they recently formed the band Daytrader and put out their first EP "Last Days Of Rome" on Run For Cover Records, and frankly, I'll be fucked if these dudes haven't delivered one of the finest debuts of recent times.

It's not that we aren't already up to our necks in promising melodic-punk-rockers at the moment - that's the genre that is arguably most fitting for Daytrader - but these dudes have something special going in a very turn-of-the-millenium emo-tinge. Songs like the title-track as well as stand-out "Grey-Colored Glasses" continually reminds me of "Through Being Cool"-era Saves The Day and Further Seems Forever, while more straight-forward burners like the balls-grapping "Kill My Compass" and the following "Living" will likely light up fans of Anberlin and Bayside.

And with references like that, that's arguably all that needs saying about "Last Days Of Rome EP" I think. I mean I could put on quite a rant about the merits and finer points of each song, but really I'd rather undersell the record slightly, and let "Kill My Compass" kick your teeth in when you first hear it, then proceed to likely earn the title as your driving song for the coming summer. Meanwhile, two things are certain: 1) Crime In Stereo fans now have a whole lot less reason to mourn that band disbanding and 2) if you haven't heard this record already, you need to do so right now. More material quickly please!

Download: Kill My Compass, Grey-Colored Glasses,
For The Fans Of: Saves The Day, Bayside, Anberlin, Further Seems Forever

Release Date 18.01.2011
Run For Cover Records

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