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Anthology: This Station Is Non-Operational

Written by: PP on 08/05/2005 02:42:29

Some people might call this cashing in on the remains of the At The Drive-In's legend, but I'm going to go ahead and call it an awesome release. Already the title suggests that this might be something for the hardcore fans of At The Drive-In. How many of us can honestly deny singing along "One Armed Scissor"'s third verse with the lyrics 'This Station Is Non-Operational'? The album contains eleven 'greatest hits' from the complete career of At The Drive-In, starting from the 1997 EP "El Gran Orgo" going all the way through to "Relationship Of Command". But that's not all what this release offers. The remaining 7 tracks consist of b-sides, rarities, unreleased live material and remixes. There's covers of Pink Floyd and The Smiths, b-sides from "Relationship of Command" and "In/Casino/Out", plus lots of more interesting stuff. And that's not all: the anthology is accompanied with a DVD consisting of interviews, videos, and rare live material. In it's essence, "This Station Is Non Operational" is a great way to get started with At The Drive-In if you are not familiar with them before, but it also offers some unforgettable moments to the hardcore fans of At The Drive-In.


Download: Lopsided, Incetardis

For the fans of: The Mars Volta, Sparta

Release date 24.05.2005

Fearless Records

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